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How to Preserve Tree Bark on Furniture

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If absolutely necessary, you can clean the tree bark using a light wash of mild soap and water, but don’t do this often. Rinse the surface after washing it and do not scrub. Ensure that the bark dries completely.

Be careful when you’re vacuuming, sweeping or otherwise cleaning around and beneath the tree bark furniture. Avoid scratching or bumping the bark.


Don’t apply commercial wood waxes or polishes to your tree bark furniture. These substances can create residue layers that are hard to remove and can discolor the bark.

With the right care, furniture made from trees with the bark left intact can last for 100 years or more, especially items made from birch bark. Tree bark on log furniture adds a rustic, artistic touch to any home. However, tree bark can attract insects and become damaged by fluctuating humidity levels. You can preserve tree bark on furniture by taking certain measures to protect the integrity of the bark, prevent insect damage and control humidity levels in your home or storage area.

Keep the tree bark dry to prevent mold, pests and splitting or cracking of the wood. Maintain a steady humidity level in your home or area where you’re storing the furniture that is below 60 percent but above 30 percent.

Protect the bark from damage by cleaning it carefully. To clean the tree bark, gently dust the surface with a rag or feather duster to avoid scratching the surface.

Wear clean latex, nitrile or cotton gloves when you’re handling the tree bark furniture to prevent the natural oils on your hands from being absorbed by the wood. The oils can stain the bark.

Place your tree bark furniture in areas that are away from direct sunlight to prevent the bark from discoloring. Try to position the furniture away from windows.

Keep your tree bark furniture in the same spot and don’t move it around frequently. Be careful when you’re moving around the furniture so you don’t scratch or otherwise damage the bark.

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