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How to Grow an Achachairu Plant

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

The achachairu plant originates from Bolivia where the fruit is valued as a food source. The annual Achachairu Festival held in Porongo, Bolivia, attests to the local popularity of this delicious and abundant fruit. Although classified botanically as Garcinia brasiliensis, it is thought that the achachairu is actually a different sub-species of the garcinia genus. This tropical tree will grow to 80 feet in height and prefers the deep shade of the forest. Achachairu has been the subject of research and is believed to have properties with medicinal potential.

Purchase a seedling achachairu plant from a recognized source. There aren’t many suppliers of this plant, so you will likely need to get one by mail order. Montoso Gardens in Puerto Rico is a botanical garden and nursery specializing in tropical and exotic plants, including achachairu.

Prepare the potting mix by blending two parts potting soil with one part perlite and one part peat moss. Fill your half of your planting container with mix. Remove the achachiru seedling from its small pot and place in the center of the 6-inch container. Fill around the sides with potting mix and press the soil and plant down to firm it into position.

Water the plant well and place in a warm, humid location out of direct sunlight. As a tropical plant achachairu will not tolerate cold and must be kept away from drafty doors and windows. A partially shaded area in a sun room or greenhouse will suit the plant best.

Water your plant generously once a week. As with many plants a thorough weekly soaking is more effective than light watering every few days.

Fertilize sparingly with a liquid organic fertilizer and remove any dead wood as needed.


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