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How to Mix Sevin Concentrate Bug Killer

Gardening can be an enjoyable way to spend your free time, but pesky insects can turn your favorite hobby into a disappointing chore. Insecticides such as Sevin Concentrate can reduce the number of pests in your garden without harming delicate plants. Sevin contains carbaryl, one of the most effective broad spectrum insecticides available to home gardeners. Mixing Sevin Concentrate properly is essential to achieving the results you want.

Determine the plants on which Sevin will be sprayed. The instructional packet included with the concentrate outlines how strong the concentrate needs to be for a wide variety of plants, so read the directions carefully for proper concentration.

Measure the proper amount of Sevin Concentrate with a measuring spoon, and pour it into a pump garden sprayer. For example, the label indicates that the proper amount for spraying garden vegetables is 1.5 oz. of concentrate per gallon of water. One ounce of liquid is approximately 2 tablespoons, so you would add approximately 3 tablespoons of concentrate to the gallon sprayer and fill it with water to kill pests on your vegetables.

Screw the lid onto the sprayer, and shake it gently to mix. Pump the handle up and down to build air pressure inside the sprayer, and squeeze the trigger while guiding the nozzle back and forth to coat your plants with a thin layer of Sevin.

Gardentech Sevin Concentrate Bug Killer Instructions

The mixing directions for Sevin concentrate are different depending on the type of plant you're applying it to. For vegetable gardens and ornamental plants, mix 1 1/2 fluid ounces of Sevin concentrate into 1 gallon of water directly into a pump sprayer. Keep the ratio of concentrate to water the same for different quantities. Apply when you first notice the insects or damage. Only spray your plants with the diluted concentrate when the air is calm and allow the product to dry thoroughly before coming in contact with the sprayed plants. For vegetables, you can only apply Sevin within 30 days of transplanting or emergence. For fruits, you can apply up to three, five or seven days before harvest, depending on the type of fruit. Sevin concentrate is not labeled for use on lawns and is prohibited as a lawn pesticide. Carbaryl is extremely toxic to aquatic invertebrates; ensure the product doesn't drift into water and never spray water directly.


Keep pets and children away from your garden after applying Sevin bug killer. Allow the spray to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before allowing your family near the garden.


Use Sevin bug spray in a well-ventilated area, and wash your hands thoroughly after use. Sevin contains chemicals that can be harmful if ingested.

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