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Cucumber Bee Repellent

By Katherine Barrington ; Updated July 21, 2017
Use cucumber peels as a natural bee deterrent.

While many people delight in the sight of bees flitting from flower to flower in the garden, others cannot stand the sight. For some people, bees induce fear and even those who are not particularly afraid of bees can be put off by their presence when tending to the garden. Rather than killing or trapping bees, consider utilizing some natural bee control methods like cucumber peels to keep bees away from your home and garden.

Why Repel Bees?

Many people are afraid of or nervous around bees because they worry about bee stings. In most cases, however, bees do not attack unprovoked. In the garden, bees play an important role in pollinating plants so it is unwise to eradicate them from your property entirely. If, however, you are experiencing an infestation of bees or someone in your family suffers from a severe bee allergy, you may need to take action to control the bee population in and around your home. If you choose to take action, try to repel or deter bees rather than killing them outright.

Cucumbers as Indoor Bee Repellent

You can use many plants and natural materials as bee repellent, including cucumber. If you frequently see bees in your home, first seal off as many entrances as you can find. Keep all windows and doors closed and seal off outdoor air vents. Once you have done so, sprinkle cucumber peels around the known avenues bees use to enter your home. Because they are natural, cucumber peels act as a non-toxic bee repellent that is safe to use in homes where children and pets are present.

Using Cucumbers in the Garden

In addition to being effective as indoor bee repellent, cucumber peels can also deter bees in the garden. Sprinkle cucumber peels on top of the soil in your potted plants and distribute them throughout your garden. You might even grate cucumber peels and sprinkle them on top of the plants that bees visit most frequently. Over time, cucumber peels will decompose and other insects will eat them, so you will need to repeat this process frequently throughout the spring and summer.

Other Bee Repellent Plants

Cucumber peels may be effective as a bee repellent, but the need for frequent reapplication makes this method somewhat impractical. For constant protection from bees in your garden, consider planting a border around your garden using bee deterrent plants like lemongrass and citronella. Some strong-smelling herbs like mint and wormwood may also be effective. By building a natural barrier against bees, you will be able to stop worrying about bee stings in the garden without actually harming the bees.


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