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Five Examples of Annual Weeds

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When you have spent a long time working on your lawn, nothing can be more disappointing than seeing weeds begin to take over the landscape. Many types of weeds are considered annuals, which means they mature by the fall and then die. Getting rid of annuals can be difficult, as many of them sprout thanks to underground runners. Finding out the type of annual weeds you have will help you determine how to get rid of them.

Prostrate Knotweed

Prostrate knotweed is an annual weed that appears in the summer. This weed has small, round, green leaves and can grow just about anywhere in the United States and often appears in turfgrass, such as sports fields. Prostrate knotweed grows from taproots and produces small white or pink flowers.

Spotted Spurge

Spotted spurge is an annual weed that most often invades gardens, crops and container plants. This weed grows close to the surface of the ground and forms a thick mat of small, dark green leaves. This weed produces small, tulip-like pink flowers that grow a bit higher than the mat of leaves.


Goosegrass is also sometimes known as silver crabgrass, wiregrass or crowfoot. This weed sprouts most often in areas where the turfgrass is thin or spotty and that receive high traffic. For example, sports fields, lawns and golf courses are prone to goosegrass infestations. This weed has a strong root system, and it seeds extensively, so it can spread very quickly and be difficult to remove.

Yellow Foxtail

Yellow foxtail is a summer annual weed that was accidentally brought to the United States from Europe. It grows most often on gravel-covered areas, grassy areas, lawns and vacant lots. This weed grows between 1 and 3 feet tall and looks like a grass with a long, green flower spike on its top.

Wild Buckwheat

Wild buckwheat is an annual weed typically found in disturbed areas, such as gardens, lawns, roadsides and grain fields, rather than in vacant grassy areas. Wild buckwheat is a broadleaf weed with leaves that are shaped like arrowheads. Its stems can grow up to 40 inches long, and its green flowers appear in the summer.

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