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How to Dispose of Garden Tractors

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Now that you no longer need your garden tractor, how do you dispose of it properly? There are several ways to get rid of an old garden tractor. Some may earn you a little extra cash, but most save you the hassle of hauling it away. Whatever you do, try to think green. It is better to make the effort to recycle an old garden tractor rather than leaving it to rust in a junkyard. Always dispose of fuel and oil properly before recycling.

Have the city come and pick it up. Most municipal waste departments only pick up large waste four times a year or so. Call your local waste department to inquire what the next pick up date. Also relate the size of the tractor, as the pick up dates may be further restricted.

Haul it to your local scrap dealer. This is one of the few places where you are likely to pick up a few extra dollars for your old garden tractor.

Haul it to a metal recycling center. Consider recycling your old garden tractor instead of junking it. Call around to a few places, and you may find one that offers pickup for a fee.

Post an advertisement on an online classified site like You'd be surprised at the number of people who are looking for old and even non-functioning garden tractors for spare parts. Make sure to include the make and model of the garden tractor and exactly what is wrong with it. You probably won't make any money, but you can request that interested buyers come haul it away.

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