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How Do I Change the Belt on a Husqvarna Riding Tractor?

A lawn tractor blade hitting an obstruction or just plain wear and tear can lead to the replacement of the mower drive belt on a Husqvarna cutting deck, or any other lawn tractor’s mowing deck for that matter. Any belt will eventually break or need replacement due to wear. Replacing the mower drive belt on a Husqvarna Riding Tractor looks difficult at first glance but, in reality, it is a job that most homeowners are capable of performing.

Park the Husqvarna Riding Tractor on a level surface and engage the parking brake, following the manufacturer’s instructions in the owner’s manual.

Remove the belt tension rod from the locking bracket and move the ride to the left to release the belt tension. Both are located on the top left side of the mower deck.

Remove the mandrel covers, using whatever tools are necessary from a tool kit and following the instructions in the Husqvarna Riding Tractor owner’s manual.

Clean any dirt or grass clippings that have accumulated around the mandrels and the upper deck surface.

Remove the old belt, if the old belt remains intact, from the electric clutch pulley, the mandrel pulleys and the idler pulleys.

Install a new belt around the mandrel pulleys, the idler pulleys and electric clutch pulley, following the instructions in the Husqvarna Riding Tractor owner’s manual.

Replace the mandrel covers and reengage the belt tension rod, locking it in its locking bracket, completing the belt change on the Husqvarna Riding Tractor.

Change A Deck Belt On A 46 Inch Husqvarna

Park the Husqvarna mower on a solid, level surface. Move the attachment clutch to "Disengaged." Turn off the mower and remove the key from the ignition. Remove the retainer pins from the anti-sway bar located on the deck opposite the electric clutch pulley. Move the deck lift lever to its highest position. Ensure the deck is raised in the highest position. Reconnect the bars you disconnected when you removed the deck, replacing all the retainer pins.

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