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Trade Names for the Herbicide Glyphosate

By Cynthia Measom ; Updated July 21, 2017

Herbicides containing glyphosate are designed to be non-selective in that the chemical will kill most plants, not just a select few. Often, when weeds or undesirable grasses invade an area, the application of an herbicide will bring the unwanted vegetation under control. A variety of trade names exist for products that contain the herbicide glyphosate. Many of these products are designed for targeted use on crops, forest land, or aquatic weeds and grasses.


Roundup brand herbicide products include Roundup Weed and Grass Killer in Ready-to-Use Plus, Concentrate Plus and Super Concentrate Plus formulations. Other products containing glyphosate are Roundup Extended Control Weed and Grass Killer Plus Weed Preventer Ready-to-Use and Concentrate and Roundup Poison Ivy Plus Tough Brush Killer Ready-To-Use and Concentrate.


Accord XRT II and Accord concentrate are the trade names for these glyphosate herbicide products manufactured by Dow AgroSciences LLC. These products are most commonly applied to land-based foliage leaves.


Rodeo brand glyphosate herbicide, manufactured by Dow AgroSciences LLC, is safe to use around any fresh or brackish water sources and is commonly used to eliminate aquatic weeds and grasses. Avoid applying this product within 1/2 mile of potable water sources.


Touchdown Hi-Tech, Touchdown Total and Touchdown IQ are all formulations of glyphosate herbicide under the trade name Touchdown, which is manufactured by Syngenta. Touchdown Total uses IQ technology and was formulated for use on glyphosate-tolerant crops, while Touchdown Hi-Tech is for consumers who use their own additives and want to get rid of dense foliage.


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