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How to Let Grass Grow to Seed


Only mow your lawn with a sharpened blade. A dull blade will just bruise and damage your lawn.


Do not use any harmful chemicals on your lawn. Chemicals can be harmful to children and pets, so use lawn products with caution.

Letting grass grow to seed is a simple way to rejuvenate your lawn. Allowing your grass to re-seed itself will allow it to grow thicker and richer in the next growing season--with no extra effort on your part.

Fertilize your lawn early in the season. Applying fertilizer before your grass gets too long will allow a rich, thick root base to develop and will grow thicker, richer grass.

Water your lawn frequently. Watering gives your grass the moisture it needs to grow and will help keep it green and lush.

Mow your lawn often early in the year. You want to allow the thick, seed-rich grass of the later growing season to develop, so mowing early will keep your grass manageable.

Let the grass grow long later in the season. You can continue to water it to encourage growth, but do not mow it. Mowing before the seeds are mature will ruin the grass seed.

Allow the grass seed to dry some once it is fully mature. You will notice small shoots with little green seeds on the top, an indication that the grass seed is fully developed.

Dry the lawn for a few days to allow the seed to dry some, then mow your lawn. Do not mow with the bag on. You want the grass seed to fall back down onto the lawn to re-seed itself.

Re-fertilize your lawn after the seed as been cut. This late fertilizing will allow your grass seed to get a head start on the growing season.

Resume watering your lawn once you have mowed and fertilized it. Watering the new seed will give it the moisture and nutrition it needs to grow thick and full year after year.

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