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Uses for Flowers of Sulphur

By Jonathan Lister ; Updated July 21, 2017

Flowers of sulfur is a pharmaceutical grade of the compound referred to in the Bible as brimstone. These yellow granules have several uses, as both a gardening aid and a homeopathic remedy for certain medical conditions. Users of sulfur should remember to take proper care in avoiding contact with the eyes or sinuses, as it can cause minor burns and irritation.

Disease Prevention in Plants

According to the Royal Horticulture Society's website, flowers of sulfur may be used in the garden to prevent the growth of certain fungi and bacteria that cause plant rot. Sulfur combined with fatty acids also can control powdery mildew growing on roses, house plants and several other varieties of fruit-bearing plants. Growers should be careful not to use sulfur on seedlings and should not allow the vapors to accumulate, as it can kill flowering plants.

Homeopathic Medicine in Humans

Sulfur has several applications as a homeopathic remedy. According to the U.K. based gardening website Morganhorse, skin disorders such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis have all been effectively treated with the use of sulfur granules. Additionally, sulfur has applications for fighting skin infection by parasites such as chiggers and scabies. Be careful to avoid wearing silver jewelry while applying sulfur to the skin as any granules that contact the precious metal will turn it black.

Remedies for Pets

Flowers of sulfur also provides a remedy for cats and dogs afflicted with skin disorders, infestations and fungal infections, such as mange or fleas. The granules also can be used with horses that have been afflicted with mud fever, a rare but serious bacterial infection which causes inflammation of the skin, lameness and high fever. Flowers of sulfur fights this condition, because it robs the bacteria of the moisture required for it to spread through the horse's system.


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