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How to Connect a Bush Hog to a Tractor


The name "Bush-Hog" is a brand name of a rotary cutting bush-hog implement.

Use petroleum grease on the PTO shaft if needed to help the Bush-Hogs driveshaft slide onto the PTO shaft easier.


Be careful when working close to an engaged PTO shaft and an engaged bush-hog rotary cutter. Always wear safety glasses when cutting with a bush-hog rotary cutter.

The Bush-Hog Rotary Cutter connects to the rear of a tractor. The Bush Hog is designed to cut low grass, high grass, thick grass and other vegetation that is too hard for a regular lawn mower to handle. The rotary cutter is turned by the power take-off shaft of the tractor. Once the PTO shaft is engaged, it turns the driveshaft on the front of the Bush-Hog. The driveshaft then turns the gear box on top of the Bush-Hog, which turns the rotary cutting blade underneath the Bush-Hog.

Back the tractor up to the Bush-Hog. Ensure that the three-point hitch arms on the back of the tractor are positioned near the three-point rod connectors on the Bush-Hog. Lock the three-point hitch up and down lever into the "Position Control" section of the lever bracket. This will prevent the three-point hitch from lowering when you shut the engine off. Put the tractor's transmission in first gear and turn the engine off.

Place wheel chocks in front of both rear wheels and behind both rear wheels as a safety precaution.

Slide the end of the left three-point hitch arm of the tractor onto the left hitch pin on the Bush-Hog. Use a rubber mallet if necessary to tap the arm onto the hitch pin. Secure the arm to the hitch pin by inserting a retaining pin through the hole on the hitch pin.

Slide the end of the right three-point hitch arm of the tractor onto the right hitch pin on the Bush Hog. Use a rubber mallet if necessary to tap the arm onto the hitch pin. Secure the arm to the pin with a retaining-pin.

Slide the end of the top-center three-point hitch arm of the tractor into the slot in the center connecting point on the Bush-Hog and insert the retaining bolt and its retaining pin.

Hook the end of the Bush-Hog's driveshaft to the PTO of the tractor by matching up the female splines of the Bush-Hog's driveshaft with the male splines on the tractor's PTO shaft. Pull the female lock collar back as you push the female splines onto the male splines. Slide the driveshaft onto the PTO shaft until the yoke spring locking collar locks on to the PTO shaft. Wiggle the end of the driveshaft with your hands to ensure that the shafts are securely connected.

Adjust the angle of the cutting deck with the center three-point-hitch arm turnbuckle and the adjustable rear wheel on the Bush Hog. For heavy cutting, adjust so the cutting deck is 2 inches lower in front. For shredding, adjust the deck to be slightly lower in the rear. Use the right-arm turnbuckle to adjust the side-to-side level of the deck.

Climb back onto the tractor and crank the engine. Raise the Bush-Hog off of the ground about 2 to 3 feet. Engage the PTO shaft on the tractor and inspect the area where the driveshaft is connected to the PTO shaft to ensure that it is locked in place. Lower the Bush-Hog and begin cutting.

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