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When to Pick Morel Mushrooms in Oklahoma?

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Wild morels grow in Oklahoma’s woods in the spring. Both yellow and black morels grow in Oklahoma, with black morels appearing earliest. The cone-shaped mushrooms make a tasty treat fresh or cooked.


Morel season in Oklahoma starts in March and continues through May. Some people say the morel-picking season coincides with the blooming of redbud trees in late March or early April.

Where to Look

The tasty mushrooms grow at the foot of hardwood and cedar trees in Oklahoma. For those not afraid of the thorns, look in the middle of brier patches for morels. If you found morels last spring, head back to the same locations to pick more--the mushrooms often pop up in the same spots for years.


When collecting morels in the spring, make sure you know which mushrooms are edible. False morels are poisonous and resemble true morels to less-experienced hunters. Going mushroom hunting with an experienced guide helps you learn which ones to pick and which mushrooms to leave alone.

Morel Mushrooms Grow?

Morels normally grow in a five-year cycle of gathering and storing nutrients after the spores fall, cross-pollinate and germinate. White morels (M. deliciosa) are often found near particular tree species, for example, ash (Fraxinus spp. ), USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 9 and elm (Ulmus spp. ), The trees are usually mature and in various stages of dying, with the roots providing a source of nutrients for the morels, accelerating the five-year cycle. The cap is usually longer than the stem, with the stem attached at the base of the cap. You can find both white and black morels in California.

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