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The Advantages of Flowers

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Flowers are more than just a pretty way to fill a garden or bouquet. Apart from their aesthetic qualities, flowers have actually been cited to improve your overall quality of life. From their scent to their shape, they have the power to reduce stress, inspire creative thinking and even lessen anxieties. Because they are often given as gifts to friends and loved ones, they have even been known to make people happier and more optimistic.


Flowers are considered a thing of beauty thanks to their vivid colors, interesting shapes and sizes. This makes them a favorite of those who can appreciate their aesthetic qualities. The delicacy of their petals can often serve as a reminder of the fragility of nature and life. Because of their beauty, flowers are considered an inspiration to creative thinkers. They have inspired countless works of art, from classic paintings such as Van Gogh’s “Irises” to Andy Warhol’s graphic prints of gerbera daisies in multiple colors.

Natural Air Freshener

Many flowers have natural scents that they emit when in bloom. Plants have long been shown to remove toxins from the air, especially when positioned in such a way that they can receive ventilation to disperse throughout the space and help spread the natural perfume of the flowers. This has made arranging flowers a natural way to freshen up the air quality of a room. Flowers are also commonly used in recipes for perfumes and colognes to mask odors and attract others.

Mood Enhancer

According to the studies conducted by the psychology department at Rutgers University, flowers have been known to be natural mood enhancers. When given as a gift, they put a smile on the face of the receiver. This act is considered a primary response of receiving flowers. The simple act of receiving such a gift can increase positive thinking for several days following the initial acceptance of this gift. In these studies, people who received flowers as gifts interacted better in social situations, standing at inviting distances as opposed to impersonal ones.

Stress Reducer

The same Rutgers studies propose that flowers have the power to reduce stress. Because they increase positivity in moods, they can reduce levels of anxiety and allow people to feel more at ease. Mood responses, such as stress and anxiety reduction, are considered a secondary response to enjoying flowers.

Pest Repellent

Some flowers, such as marigolds, act as natural pest repellents. Because of this, they are sometimes used in organic gardening. Surrounding your yard or garden in marigolds will deter flying insects and other pests from damaging the other plants.


Flowers play an important role in aiding in the growth of more flowers, fruits and vegetables. Flowers attract bees, butterflies, wasps, moths and hummingbirds who move pollen from one plant to another.

As Food

Flowers are not only used as lovely garnishes in gourmet cooking, some are even edible. Edible flowers include lavender, day lilies, carnations and dandelions.

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