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Specs for a Stihl 015

Manufacturing woodworking products for over 50 years, Stihl makes chainsaws for a range of needs from heavy-duty brush clearing and tree cutting to light-duty shop work and hobby cutting. Although larger bar chainsaws are awkward and sometimes impossible to use for lighter activities, the Stihl 015 has the size and power to cut even small pieces quickly and accurately.


Stihl began manufacturing chainsaws in 1926 after producing a number of successful mechanical sawing machines prior to 1900. Continuing to hone and change the concept of a chainsaw, by 1950 the first recognizable handheld gas versions of Stihl chainsaws were available for purchase. By 1974, Stihl had a number of different models on the market, including the Stihl 015 chainsaw.


This chainsaw is classed as a hobby chainsaw, which means, while it's capable of cutting wood easily, larger jobs such as tree felling and serious brush clearing were out of its reach. This class instead focused on light housework such as woodworking, home repairs and small home additions such as porch swings or railings.


Like most chainsaws, the Stihl 015 hobbyist chainsaw operates on a mix of fuel and two-stroke oil. The proper mixture for this chainsaw is a 50:1 ratio, which means the user mixes 50 parts gasoline to 1 part of two-stroke oil.


The engine behind the chainsaw plays a large part in the power it delivers when cutting. The larger the engine is, the more power it will deliver. This chainsaw is not designed for industrial or commercial use and, because of this, features a smaller size engine at only 32 cubic centimeters.


The rpm determines how quickly and how easily the chainsaw will cut. Higher speeds mean a faster cut. The Stihl 015 chainsaw has a maximum rpm speed of 12,500, which is faster than some of its contemporary chainsaws but, while the speed may be greater, the lack of torque provided by the engine means that the saw will stand a greater chance of jamming on heavy-duty jobs.

Bar Length

While the bar on the Stihl 015 is replaceable, as with many chainsaws, the small engine will drive only a limited range of larger bars. The standard bar on the Stihl 015 is 12 inches. This size offers the maneuverability for precision cuts.

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