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How to Change a Drive Belt on a Zero Turn Lawnmower

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Zero turn mowers provide flexibility when mowing around landscape items and turns in your lawn. Keeping your zero turn mower running at its best requires replacement of the drive belt every 100 hours of operation. The drive belt becomes worn when grass and debris build up under the deck of the mower. When your mower’s power decreases going up hill or your cutting performance isn’t what you desire, inspect the drive belt, and replace it when necessary.

Park the zero turn mower on a flat surface and engage the parking brake.

Place the mower deck in the lowest position.

Unscrew the bolts from the belt shields with a wrench.

Clear away grass and debris from the mower housing.

Pull the belt off the cutter housing pulley and remove it from the mower.

Place a new belt around the clutch pulley on the engine shaft.

Route the belt onto the deck and around the idler pulley.

Wrap the belt around the mandrel housing and around the stationary idler pulley.

Replace the belt shield and secure with the removed bolts.

Change A Bobcat Lawnmower Deck Belt

Park the Bobcat riding lawnmower and switch off the ignition key on the operator's right side control panel beside the seat. The button is on the right side of the operator's control panel, just above the ignition switch. Locate the cutter deck idler pulley through the floorboard opening; the pulley rests on top of the right side of the deck. Clip a long 3/8-inch extension bar onto a 3/8-inch ratchet wrench. Hold the ratchet wrench with one hand while you slip the belt from around the idler pulley. Pull the new belt back, and route it around the left side idler and spindle pulleys. Turn the ratchet wrench fully to the left to relieve the right side idler pulley tension; hold the wrench in position. Tighten the floorboard retaining bolts with a socket wrench. Engage and disengage the cutter deck several times to check for proper belt operation.

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