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How to Choose Gifts for Maintenance Workers

By Contributor ; Updated September 21, 2017

Maintenance workers perform vital tasks that many of us can't live without. That is particularly true for those of us who are maintenance challenged. These folks fix our appliances, lay our new floors, clean out our vents and do so much more. If there is a dirty job that has to be done around the house, they are there to do to save us the hassle and pain. For that reason, these loyal individuals deserve to be recognized when the holidays roll around.

Make them a basket of snacks. With all the work they have to do, maintenance workers often don't get a chance to take a break or even go to lunch. Make sure they have some goodies around to make them feel better. Mix it up with a little bit of everything from muffins to brownies, cookies and fruit. The cost will mostly be that of your time.

Give them a subscription to a Coffee of the Month club from Clubs Galore (see Resources). That way it can be a joint gift for the entire maintenance staff rather than individual gifts for each and every worker. Clubs Galore offers several different size subscriptions. They run from $75 to $282 for three month to 12 month subscriptions. Each month, maintenance will receive two coffee selections (approximately 8 oz to 12 oz) of delicious coffee concoctions like Caramel Vanilla or Almond Amaretto.

Tip them with cash or a gift card from a local retailer. Put the cash or card in a Christmas card or one of the newer boxes made for that purpose. Tips should range between two and five times and amount normally tipped for service.

Give each worker a Christmas waterglobe. These can be picked up at local discount stores for between $1 and $10 each.

Send them an order of Mrs. Prindables Apples (see Resources). There are different set sizes to choose from, ranging from 12 to 24 apples in different types of chocolates, nuts and other sweet combinations. The cost will range between $25 and $50.

Buy them a popcorn popper so they can make their own snacks anytime they want. Don't forget to add in a bag of popcorn and maybe some toppings. The costs will begin around $20 and go up from there.

Give each worker a digital photo key chain. That way that can store their favorite photos and carry them around everywhere they go. The cost begins around $10.

Purchase Nomad portable silverware from Gifts.com (see Resources). They come on a band that can be worn around the neck. A holder is also provided to keep the fork, knife, and spoon clean until time to use it. The cost is around $20.

Gift them with a mini fridge that will keep their drinks cold until they are ready for them. Such products can handle from one to six drinks at a time and retail for around $50.

Send them a Swiss army pen. Since knives are not pretty much a "no no" these days, the manufacturer's have come up with alternative products. These retail for under $50.


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