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Root Rake Vs. Grapple Rake

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While the crops we grow haven’t changed much, the technology used to harvest them has evolved significantly over time. Modern farming tools help to clear the land, plant seeds, harvest crops, and prepare the land for planting again. These tools can also be used in other industries, such as logging. Two commonly used tools are the root rake and the grapple rake.

Root Rake

The root rake is the perfect tool when awkwardly shaped materials need to be cleared or otherwise transferred. Examples of materials that might be difficult to handle are tree parts, including limbs, logs, stumps, and other brush. It is also a useful tool in rolling hay. The root rake itself is an attachment that can be placed on tractors, crawlers, or skid loaders. Using a root rake helps to clear these materials in an efficient manner.

Types of Root Rakes

Root rakes are categorized on the basis of their blades or “teeth.” These teeth are replaceable, thus extending the life of the equipment. Depending on the model, a root rake can have a bar with teeth on the bottom of the blade or, as with other styles, a frame-style blade. Root rakes come in varying sizes, with the smallest being able to accommodate a small-sized tractor.

Grapple Rake

Another useful type of rake is the grapple rake. This tool is extremely versatile, allowing for the clearing of multiple types of debris, including concrete, rocks, twigs, and logs. The powerful jaws of the grapple rake allow it to easily grasp irregularly shaped items during the clearing process. While useful in farming, it also thrives in other industries, such as demolition, landscaping and logging.

Grapple Rake Features

Imagine the grapple rake as a claw that not only clears the material, but also lifts it into a dump truck for hauling away. The grapple rake comes in a variety of styles and sizes, and attaches to the front of the machinery for ease of use. It can attach to compact tractors, skids, skid steers, and other equipment.

Equipment Attachments

Both the root rake and grapple rake are attachments that allow farm and other industry machinery to expand their usefulness. They connect to the equipment via pre-configured attachment points on the machinery. Before purchasing a grapple or root rake, be sure to check the size and compatibility with the machine to which it will be attached. Depending on the machine, the rake can be attached in front or in back for best results.


While both the root rake and the grapple rake do similar jobs, the grapple rake is the more versatile of the two. The claw that allows the grapple rake to actually lift materials well above ground level is what distinguishes it from the root rake in functionality. When selecting a root rake vs. a grapple rake, consider the job at hand. If items simply need to be cleared, then either rake will suffice. However, if the job frequently requires the lifting of materials into dump trucks, dumpsters, or other hauling containers, a grapple rake is the best tool for the job.

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