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Green Plant With a Reddish Thick Stem & Pink Flowers

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There are dozens of plants that fit the description of a green plant with a red, thick stem and pink flowers. Plants such as these are found all over the world, in forests growing wild, or in homes thriving in flower pots pot. Many enjoy shade while others require full sun. Some have pink flowers that emit a wonderful fragrance, yet others have no scent at all. Each has unique qualities

Wax Begonia

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Wax begonias are warm weather plants that bloom all year long. Their thick green leaves are sometimes tinted with red and have a velvety feel to them. The stem may also be tinted with red, especially on the red and pink begonias. The pink flowers are delicate but profuse and often have a tiny yellow flower blooming in their center.


This beautiful plant has a deep red stem and brilliant flower heads that are pink as well as red, yellow, or purple. The celosia’s leaves are pale green. Also known as cockscombs or woolflowers, the celosia is an edible plant used widely in Africa for its nutritional value. It grows easily in hot or humid climates, needs little care, and often reseeds itself.

Herbaceous Peony

Peony image by Konstantin Stepanov from

This pant is native to Asia, western North America, and parts of southern Europe. Peonies are a perennial plant with a long red stem supporting a brilliant cluster of color—pink, yellow, or white. These showy plants can grow as tall as three feet, and with proper care can bloom for up to fifty years. Peonies release a captivating fragrance in the spring.


pink cyclamen image by Maria Brzostowska from

The scientific name cyclamen is how this plant is best known. However, it is often mistakenly called primrose or Persian violet. The cyclamen has stunningly beautiful pink petals which point upward, toward the sky. Its long sturdy stem is a light shade of red, sporting brilliant green leaves. The cyclamen blooms in the fall and can grow up to twelve inches tall.


The calibrachoa plant, part of the nightshade family, resembles a miniature petunia. It grows in clusters with bright-red stems and brilliant small pink flowers. It may also have blooms of red, orange, or purple. A stunning addition to any outdoor garden, the calibrachoa also thrives as a hanging plant kept indoors.


This showy plant grows to as high as 4 feet tall and produces brilliant tassels of pink, red, or green. The thick, red stems of the amaranthus branch out to create multiple tassels on each plant. Amaranthus is also a food plant used for its edible grains, greens, and herbs. The amaranthus leaves are broad and a light shade of green, and often used for tea.

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