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Troubleshooting Uneven Cutting of a Craftsman Tractor

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Craftsman, a trademark of Sears, represents a history of quality tools and lawn equipment. Since 1927 the Craftsman line has been changing and expanding to meet the needs of an evolving world. Today the Craftsman line of lawn tractors boasts over 13 different models with deck sizes ranging from 42 to 54 inches. The lawn tractor is popular amongst homeowners with large properties that need a mowing machine that is versatile and capable of performing tasks other than just cutting the grass.


Craftsman tractors, also referred to as lawn tractors, are different from other riding mowers for several reasons. First, the cutting deck of the tractor is centrally located, beneath the seat, rather than in front of the seat like a riding mower. In addition, lawn tractors have a steering wheel as opposed to steering levers. Many Craftsman lawn tractors are equipped with amenities such as headlights, adjustable seats and adjustable steering wheels.


Observing the cut your Craftsman tractor leaves in its wake will often indicate the problem. Notice if the grass is higher on one side of the swath and shorter on the opposite side. Also, check for any patterns in the uneven cut, such as a high spot then a low spot, a high spot again, a low spot again, and so forth. Observing how the grass looks after cutting is a good place to start when trying to discover the problem.


Low or flat tires will always cause an uneven cut. Check the tire pressure on all four tires. Be certain that no tire has a slow leak. If just a single tire is low, the cut the mower leaves will be uneven.


Often the deck on your Craftsman tractor is the cause of an uneven cut. The deck height adjustment may be in need of repair. It is also possible that the deck suspension mechanisms are broken. If the deck is not properly suspended it will result in an uneven cut.


Dull or damaged blades will cut unevenly. In addition, blades that are mounted incorrectly will also produce a poor cut. Using blades that are not designed for your specific tractor will negatively affect the look of the cut.

Guiding Wheels

Craftsman tractors are equipped with small solid guiding wheels mounted on the four corners of the underside of the deck. If one of these wheels is missing or broken, the resulting cut will appear jagged and uneven.


If a front or rear axle on the lawn tractor is broken or bent, the result will be an uneven cut.

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