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Information About Momentum Broadleaf Weed Killer With Fertilizer

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Momentum broadleaf weed killer with fertilizer is also known as Momentum Force Weed and Feed. It is a systemic herbicide that kills many species of garden plants and flowers but does not harm grass. It is combined with a high-nitrogen, synthetic, slow-release fertilizer. The World Resources Institute has found that the nitrogen overload caused by synthetic fertilizers is a causative factor in global pollution.


Momentum Force Weed and Feed is manufactured by Illinois based Nufarm company. Momentum is described as controlling over 100 species of broadleaf weeds--including marigold, yarrow, clover, ivy and primrose. It is a non-selective herbicide that also kills many common flowers. According to the manufacturer, “Momentum Force contains a new formulation of two different 2, 4-Ds, dicamba and MCPP.”

Toxicity Ratings

Momentum’s new formula includes dicamba and 2,4-D,2-ethylexyl ester, both rated “high toxicity” in the “Developmental or Reproductive Toxins” category, according to the Pesticide Information Network, a consumer health watchdog organization. United States law requires that only active ingredients (AIs) in pesticide products be reported. Pesticides such as Momentum may contain one or more “inert” ingredients that are also known to cause adverse effects on health and the environment.

Warning Label

Momentum broadleaf weed killer and fertilizer has a 3 Caution acute hazard warning label. The EPA tests often include the product’s inert ingredients. Pesticides are required to carry an acute warning label of categories from 1 to 4. Momentum’s category 3 warning means slightly toxic with corneal involvement or irritation and moderate skin irritation.

Potential Health Hazards

The Pesticide Information Center reports the EPA concluded that Momentum’s 2, 4-D chemical ingredient had not been tested enough to determine its cancer-causing classification. “Animals fed high does of 2, 4-D for several weeks sometimes had fewer young, or the young did not have normal skeletons,” according to the Center’s website. Some studies have connected 2, 4-D with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and others have been inconclusive.

Children and Wildlife

The EPA issues a warning that children are more sensitive to pesticide ingredients such as the 2, 4-D in Momentum weed killer and fertilizer because their internal organs are still developing. Weed killers and synthetic fertilizers are used in the places children play most frequently. The Momentum formula uses esters, which can be very toxic to fish and other aquatic life.

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