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Schultz Insect Spray for Plants

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Schultz Insect Spray for Plants is a control option helpful for the home gardener with both houseplants and outdoor growth. This insect spray for plants is a botanical-based, multipurpose insecticide for use on a variety of plants with effective management of a wide array of insects. Packaged in a spray bottle, consider this a treatment for one to two plants, as the small amount of product is not meant for a widespread pest problem.


Schultz Insect Spray for Plants is considered more natural than highly synthesized chemical insecticides. This insecticide belongs to the pyrethrin class of insecticides. Pyrethrins are developed from extracts taken from chrysanthemum flowers, according to the Cornell University Cooperative Extension.


Schultz Insect Spray for Plants is for use on indoor and outdoor plants, including edibles. This water-based formula is produced for the management of insect pests including, but not limited to, mealybugs, aphids, beetles, whiteflies and spider mites. Determine the type of pest infestation on your plants before selecting a control method.


Schultz insect spray is formulated to kill or stop bugs on contact. While pyrethrins have the ability to kill an insect with a single application, follow-up applications are sometimes necessary. Pyrethrin insecticides enter insects' nervous systems, rendering them incapable of movement. Depending on the insect and the amount of spray utilized, the bug may recover or will die. Observe your plants to determine whether or not a repeat application is necessary.


Using insecticides like Schultz Insect Spray for Plants is most effective when performed in conjunction with cultural control methods. Simply spraying your plants to remove a pest problem is only a temporary fix, particularly if your plant is stressed or in decline. Remove affected plant parts and provide optimal care to prevent future infestations.


The label of "natural" or "botanical" is often misconstrued as "non-toxic." Schultz Insect Spray for Plants poses a toxicity danger. Pyrethrins are considered less toxic than other controls to humans and animals but may still result in negative reactions. Inhalation is potentially harmful, leading to symptoms like asthma and convulsions. If you suspect dangerous exposure to this insecticide, contact 911 or a poison control center immediately.

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