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Grow Box Vs. Earth Box

By Jonathan Budzinski ; Updated September 21, 2017

Traditional gardens are popular for many gardeners, but for people living in the city or without the time to manage a garden, grow boxes and earth boxes offer convenience and availability. These containers allow for the growth of herbs, small fruits and vegetables from the comfort of one's home.

Grow Box Advantages

Grow boxes are small containers that allow for the growth of small plants without the need of a garden or otherwise large quantities of space. They are very similar to earth boxes except in a few areas. Grow boxes do not require as much time or energy in assembly as earth boxes and are made of a lighter, thinner material that is easier to transport. That are generally less expensive than their earth box counterparts.

Grow Box Disadvantage

Grow boxes are not designed to handle difficult weather conditions as well as earth boxes. Also, grow boxes are often made of plastic and are less pleasing to the eye. Some manufacturers have begun adding additional costs to grow boxes for fertilizer and packaging, cutting back on the savings a consumer might obtain from using a grow box versus an earth box.

Earth Box Advantages

Earth boxes are larger, more durable plant boxes that allow for gardeners to grow herbs, vegetables and other small plants within limited spaces. They can be placed almost anywhere and are strong enough to be left outdoors without extensive maintenance.

Earth Box Disadvantages

Earth boxes can weigh anywhere up to several hundred pounds when they are at capacity, making transporting earth boxes a moderately difficult task. They are expensive and can break easily when mishandled or if too much soil and water are added. Earth boxes tend to drain quickly, forcing gardeners to water their plants more often. Lastly, assembling earth boxes can be a difficult and time consuming endeavor.

Individual Needs

Researching which box would work best for your living situation before purchase is an important step to saving yourself time and money. Earth boxes and grow boxes are available at the majority of garden stores. Speak further with a store representative who can help choose which box is best for you.


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