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What Is the Benefit of Two Blades Vs. One Blade on a Lawn Mower?

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There are dozens of options to consider when purchasing a lawn mower. Engine size, ease of use, durability and warranty are just a sampling. One of the biggest considerations is cutting width. Cutting width is determined by the amount of blades a mower employs. A single-bladed mower has the smallest cutting width available. A mower with two blades has a significantly wider cutting width. If you own a large property with hills and berms, or if your grass is often uncontrollably long, a mower with two blades is your best choice.

Cutting Width

A single mower blade cuts a swath of grass approximately twenty-two inches wide. Mowers using two blades have a cutting width of 36 inches. The extra 16 inches of cutting width means for every five passes a single blade mower makes, a double blade mower makes only three. Not only does this save time, but it also prevents the user from becoming fatigued.


A mower with one blade is not always self-propelled. The user must manually push the mower over the lawn. Mowers with two blades are always equipped with a clutch that propels the machine when engaged. This makes mowing on hills and berms much easier for the user, and because mowing requires less effort, it presents a safer mowing environment.


The blades on a two-bladed mower are thicker and will last longer than those of a single-bladed mower. Therefore they will not need to be replaced as often.


When a mower has two blades, it requires a more powerful engine. A single-bladed mower is usually equipped with a 6 horsepower engine, whereas a two-bladed mower uses an engine of 12 h.p. to 14 h.p. This larger engine is more durable, withstands lengthy and arduous use, and will last far longer than its smaller counterpart.

Grass Height

Long grass does not present a problem when using a double-bladed mower. Due to its superior cutting power, robust engine size and thicker cutting blades, a two-bladed mower can easily cut through grass as tall as one foot. A single-bladed mower will bog down in high grass, causing the engine to quit.


A double-bladed mower is designed to be durable. With a larger engine, more power and a heavier construction, it is perfectly equipped to be used weekly, or even daily. It can withstand rough terrain, and the blades will continue to spin in even the most adverse mowing conditions. Single-bladed mowers are not designed for rugged terrain, constant use or abusive mowing conditions. Such usage will injure the machine, and possibly the user.

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