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How to Make an Umbrella With Palm Tree Leaves

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Palm trees grow in tropical and jungle environments, and provide natural protection from the sun, wind and rain. When dried, the leaves of these trees can be used in patio and garden decor to to bring a natural element to your outdoor space. One way to integrate palm leaves into your patio decor is to make an umbrella out of palm leaves.

Dry the palm leaves for at least one week. Wear gloves to protect hands from cuts while handling the palm leaves. During the drying process, keep the leaves in a warm environment with minimal moisture that provides protection from the rain. Spread the leaves out on a flat surface. Do not layer the leaves on top of one another.

Form the umbrella cover by arranging the palm leaves in a circle, making sure that all of the leaves are placed in the same direction. Weave the leaves together by bringing twine over the first leaf and under the next, securing them with a knot. Continue this process until you reach the end of the circle.

Place a second layer of palm leaves over the first. Male sure all the leaves go in the same direction as those in the first layer. Weave the second layer together in the same way that you did the first. Repeat this process until you have completed at least six layers.

Remove the knob from the top of your existing wooden umbrella. Place the palm leaf cover over the existing umbrella and push the tip of the umbrella through the center. Replace the knob.

Use a knife to make a 2-inch slits in the umbrella at the top and bottom of each rib in the frame.

Secure the palm-leaf cover to the existing umbrella frame by weaving a piece of twine through the cover and the slit in the existing umbrella. Tie the twine in a secure knot around each rib. Repeat this step at the top and bottom at each umbrella rib until you have gone all the way around the frame.

Seal the cuts you made to secure the cover to the existing umbrella using a silicone sealant.

Use garden shears to trim your palm cover to the desired length, and to make it an even length all the way around.


Store your umbrella in a shed or garage to protect it from the elements during the winter months.

Sealant keeps water from leaking through the slits.

The number of palm fronds needed varies according to the type and size of the leaves.

Add more than six layers if you want a fuller effect.

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