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Will a Rotary Tiller Cut Through Roots?

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A rotary tiller has the ability to cut through some roots. The amount will depend on the blade size and tiller depth and root type, size and depth. Larger roots may cause the tiller to jump, according to the LSU Extension, which is a dangerous situation.

John Deere 31 Rotary Tiller Information

A rotary tiller works the soil by cutting into it and lifting. This prevents the compaction of the soil, improving it for gardening. In operation, the disks rotate, allowing each of the blades in turn to come into contact with the soil. The John Deere 31 rotary tiller uses a chain drive to connect to any of eight different lawn tractors. The tractor must have the appropriate linkage that allows it to accept attachments or you won’t be able to use the rotary tiller or any other tractor-powered tools or equipment with it. Look at the entire length of the chain for signs of wear and broken or damaged links.

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