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How to Make a Macrame Plant Hanger

The art of macramé enables endless possibilities for making at-home crafts. Plant hangers are a useful item to make and can easily be personalized with your choice of knot work. These can be made for indoor use or, by using nylon cord, for outdoor use. Follow some steps to make a plant hanger appropriate for a 4- to 5-inch diameter pot, but hangers can be made for any sized pot by simply using more or less hemp cord.

Cut the 168 feet of jute, hemp or nylon cord into 12, 14-foot sections with scissors.

Slide the 3-inch metal ring, which the plant pot will hang from, onto the middle of the bundle of 14-foot long cords. Fold the cords at this point over the ring and tie them in a simple overhand knot. You should now have 24 strands hanging down that are at half length, or roughly 7 feet.

Divide the 24 strands into four groups with which you will begin your macramé. Each macramé strand will consist of six of the strands.

Knot the macramé design of your choice. This is where the project becomes an outlet for your creativity and design. There are many different types of macramé such as the "spiral staircase" design, which can be made by wrapping one of the six strands in a group around the other five and tying an overhand, then repeating with each knot just behind the one above so that it spirals. It is your choice to make all four sections into square knotted macramé, spiraled staircase macramé, or a combination. Note that you should follow the same exact design on all four strands so that they turn out to be the same length. These will be gathered at the bottom to hold the potted plant of choice.

Stop your design on the four strands where you would like the top of the pot to rest. For a 4- to 5-inch diameter pot, strands of at least 2 feet are preferable.

Tie the basket for the plant’s pot. This is when it is helpful to have the actual pot on hand as you can place it in the center of the four macramé strands you have woven and gather the remaining loose strands under the pot to see where approximately you need to tie the bottom knot. Take three strands from each group of six and tie them in a knot at the bottom of the pot with the three strands from the larger neighboring macramé strand. You will have four knots which, when pulled into one large overhand knot underneath the pot, creates triangular negative space with the strands holding the pot.

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