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What Is the Meaning of the Lantana Flower?

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Lantana Camara is native to the tropical regions of the Americas. The symbolic meaning of the lantana flower is generally associated with rigor. It is used in the preparation of flower essences as a medicinal for sexual dysfunction. Many cultures ascribe symbolism to flowers and to the colors of flowers. The Victorian era "tussie-mussie," or bouquet, was a language of love messages in a time of much secrecy and repression of such discussions.


The lantana flower is considered a hardy perennial plant. It will bloom all summer in well drained soil in full sun and heat. In areas with mild winters, it may overwinter and spread. The plant is shrub-like with woody, sturdy stems. It is associated with rigor or a lack of flexibility.


"Lantana montevidensis" plants are sometimes purple or white, growing from eight to twelve inches in height. Purple is a color associated with royalty and power. It is the combination of soothing blue and energetic red. Purple is associated with sexuality, success and wealth. White is the color of spirituality and purity. White is also associated with wedding celebrations.


The lantana cultivars are more resistant to cold, such as "Miss Huff" and "Mozella". Both grow to five or six feet tall. "Miss Huff" is an apricot color becoming a darker orange as it opens out the blooms. Orange is associated with creativity and confidence. The "Mozelle" is a pale yellow flower that becomes pink as it opens. Yellow is associated with enthusiasm, fun and optimism. Pink is the color associated with warmth and love. Both cultivars bear the names of women who brought them north from Texas to gardens in South Carolina.


The "tussie-mussie" is a nosegay, a small circular bouquet of herbs and flowers. These were presented by men to women with the central flower bearing a symbolic meaning. The practice dates to the Victorian era. By the mid 1800s, there were some vulgar and pornographic associations with the term until it came back into use in the 1940s. The lantana flower is used for showy color in present day bouquets. The meaning of flowers is related to this practice through the color of the blooms as well as through flower names.

Flower essences

The lantana plant is used in essences for healing issues surrounding sexual dysfunction and obsessive-compulsive disorders. The essence is meant to calm extremes of sexual repression or perversion.

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