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Things in Your Kitchen to Get Rid of Lawn Grubs

Many homeowners consider the infestation of grubs in their lawn to be a serious problem. Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles. There are various chemical methods to rid lawns of both the adult and larval stages of these beetles. There are also simple methods for eliminating grubs that can work as well and use various things found around the kitchen as ingredients.


Using soap mixed with water can suffocate grubs. The chemicals in the soap stick to the skin of the grubs causing the grubs lack of oxygen because grubs breathe through their skin. Mild soaps, such as dish detergent or Murphy's Oil Soap, can work. Spray bottles filled with a water and soap mixture can be used to apply the soap to lawns. Spraying during or immediately after rainfall helps the soap absorb into the soil faster.


Cleaning gloves can be used to manually remove grubs from lawns. Look for grubs under the sod as you peel the sod layer back. Pick the grubs out of the root system and put them on a solid surface where they will dry out and die. Online resource Kitchen Garden help recommends rolling back sod to expose grubs to birds.

Garlic and Chives

Plant garlic around the edge of the lawn or as an ornamental landscape feature. Grubs are the larvae of the Japanese beetle. These beetles avoid garlic because of its odor. Breaking up a garlic clove into individual parts, then growing those parts will yield up to five garlic plants per clove. Chives can be as effective as garlic when planted in patches and along the outline of the lawn and landscaping.

Glass Jars

Drown grubs and Japanese beetles by handpicking them and placing them into a jar filled with soapy water. According to Ohio State University Extension, the bugs die more quickly in soapy water than in plain. Sealing the jar ensures the grubs or beetles drown. When the grubs or beetles are dead, dump them out in the compost pile.

Sugar and Vinegar

A mixture of sugar, vinegar, soap and water can be used as a natural trap for Japanese beetles. The sugar attracts the beetle into the container where they drown from the soap chemicals and water. After filling the container with dead bugs, simply dump, rinse and repeat the process.

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