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How to Put Spotlights in a Tree

When designing landscapes, incorporating lighting not only creates a beautiful aesthetic, but it also adds a valuable safety feature to your home. Adding spotlights to trees keeps you from having to install unsightly poles around your property and can bring outdoor foliage to life during the night.

Have a certified electrician inspect the areas where you wish to put the outdoor spotlights placed. Have the electrician run the proper wires to each of the trees where the lighting will be installed, to decrease the risk of electrical shock and fire.

Purchase an outdoor spotlight from your local lawn and garden specialty store that will fit your lighting needs. Some spotlights are much larger and brighter than others and are meant for commercial use. Spotlights generally used for outdoor landscaping and safety lighting are usually painted and textured to blend in with your landscape and feature a medium brightness rating.

Decide if you would like to light the tree from the top, to shine downward, or if you would like to shine the light up the tree to create a shadow effect.

Study the attaching mechanism that came with the outdoor spotlight of your choice. Most outdoor spotlights come with a band-like attachment that simply wraps around the tree or pole and tightens with a screwdriver.

Attach the lighting to the tree according to the package directions, and have an electrician attach all electrical wiring to make sure it is done properly. Test the lighting to ensure it is properly secured and operational.


Choose a spotlight that will blend in with your landscape well, such as one that is painted black, instead of a metal-cased light that will reflect sunlight during the day.

Placing colored bulbs into your spotlight(s) can add a dramatic affect to your landscape.

Placing the spotlights on a timer can help save money on your electric bill, enabling you to turn the lights on and off at your discretion.

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