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Do the Most Potato Sprouts Grow in the Light or in the Dark?

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Healthy green potato sprouts need light to grow properly. Potatoes that are left to sprout in the dark give off a white, unhealthy growth. The seed potatoes are pre sprouted 2 to 3 weeks before planting in the ground.

Grow A Potato From A Potato

Cut large sprouted potatoes into smaller pieces. Prepare the potato garden in the spring when the soil has warmed and has begun to drain. Squeeze a handful of soil from the garden. If it flicks apart like cake, it is ready for planting. Dig the potato patch 12 inches deep and mix in a 3-inch layer of compost. Place the pieces 12 inches apart, and set the rows 24 inches apart. Cover each potato piece with 3 inches of garden soil. Use a hoe to pull soil up in a hill around the stems of the plants. Use a shovel or garden fork to dig all the potatoes, which will be connected to the roots underneath the plant.

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