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Which Push Lawn Mowers Are Easiest to Use?

By Sommer Leigh ; Updated September 21, 2017

The newest push lawn mowers, also called reel mowers, prove easier to use than their clunkier, heavier and older counterparts. Manufacturers of push lawn mowers more recently have created lightweight models with ergonomic designs and blade technologies that reduce blade sharpening frequency. The most popular push lawn mowers incorporate these features to offer an easier-to-use mower.

Fiskars Momentum

The Fiskars Momentum features a StaySharp Cutting system that keeps the blades from touching to reduce friction and wear. Less blade wear and tear means less cost or labor, as the blades do not require annual sharpening. The InertiaDrive cutting reel features five thick blades for extra power in cutting weeds, twigs and thick grass. Its VersaCut design means the wheels and blades extend across the entire mower front to cut three times closer than most push mowers. Fiskars claims these three technologies reduce by 30 percent the force needed to push. At 43-1/2 lbs. the Momentum is a little heavier than most push mowers. Fiskars offers a four-year limited warranty on the Momentum. It retails for about $250 as of July 2010.


The Brill line of push mowers offers blades with a no-contact cutting system so the blades stay sharp for as long as eight years, reducing the labor and cost involved in annual sharpening. Its lightweight design, at 17 lbs. and half the weight of many push mowers, means it is easier to push and transport. A sealed ball-bearing mounted reel saves you from having to regularly oil the reel. Upon purchase, this mower is assembled in less than 10 minutes. Brill offers a two year warranty on all of its push mowers. It retails for about $300 as of July 2010.


Easun's line of NaturCut push lawn mowers, like the Brill, offers a minimal contact cutting system to keep blades sharp for up to eight years. It offers six adjustable cutting height positions, ranging from 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 inches. The NaturCut offers a 16-inch cutting width, making mowing quicker than with other push mowers that have cutting widths closer to 13 inches. It's lightweight, too, with models ranging in weight from 19 to 22 lbs. Easun offers a two year warranty on the NaturCut. Retail price is $219 as of 2009.


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