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How to Make a Rose Terrarium

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Terrariums have been around for many years and are a way to grow plants around your home or in your office. A terrarium can be a glass container of any size that is set over the top of plants creating somewhat of a miniature greenhouse. With so many different types of glass containers readily available to gardeners and plant keepers, terrariums open up windows for your creativity. Miniature roses can also be grown in a terrarium.

Transplant a miniature rose bush of your choice into a decorative container that is filled with moisture-retaining potting soil. The container should be no more then twice as large as the rose’s original planting container.

Place moss on top of the potting soil. Although optional, the moss will help keep moisture close to the roots of the rose.

Place the planting container onto a decorative plate of your choice. The plate should not have any cracks or holes, since it will be keeping water from the rose terrarium from leaking onto your furniture.

Purchase or select a cloche (a domed glass cover) that is just large enough to cover the rose’s planting container, but not so large that it sets over the sides of the decorative plate. The cloche, or glass dome, should rest on the decorative plate.

Lightly water the rose until the soil is moist to the touch, and place the cloche over the pot. The cloche will keep in moisture; however, checking the rose plant for moisture weekly will be beneficial.

Make Your Own Herb Terrarium

Select a container for your terrarium. Candy jars, fish bowls and large goblets are suitable. The glass container must have some type of covering to withhold moisture in the container, and the container's opening must be large enough for you to plant and care for the garden. Clean the glass container and lid with a mixture of two parts vinegar and one part water. Plan your terrarium's layout or design on paper. If it will be seen from all sides, then large plants should be in its center. Pat the planting mixture around each plant with your hand. Pour filtered water slowly down the inner sides of the terrarium until you see it running through the sphagnum moss.


Do not place the terrarium in direct sunlight. Direct sun will cause too much heat underneath the glass, and can easily kill the rose.

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