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Does Killing Weeds With Bleach Also Kill the Roots?

Killing weeds with bleach (Sodium hypochlorite) also kills the roots. Spray the weed with undiluted bleach and wait two days. The plant will have turned brown and the roots will have died. Pull the plant up and dispose of it. If the bleach gets on the grass or on a wanted plant, immediately wash it off with water.

Kill Weeds With Bleach

How to Kill Weeds With Bleach. Weeds can be an unsightly addition to your garden. Save yourself the cost of purchasing an expensive herbicide by reaching into your laundry supply cabinet. Buy full-concentrate bleach. Pour undiluted bleach into the spray bottle. Use a plastic funnel to avoid getting bleach onto your hands and causing irritation. Screw the top of the bottle closed and set the nozzle to "mist" or its equivalent. Return to the weed site and pull the weeds from the soil. The bleach should make their removal easy.

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