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Can Plants Survive on Other Liquids Besides Water?

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Plants require water to live. Other liquids may contain some water, but the additional ingredients can reduce the plant's ability to absorb water or change the pH of the soil to unhealthy levels.

Plants Grow In Other Liquids Besides Water?

Plants need three main elements in order to grow: water, sunlight and carbon dioxide. Plants can also grow when watered with other liquids. Different plants grow with different liquids. Watering plants with different liquids provides the plants with not only the water needed for growth and other functions, but it provides the plant with other gases and nutrients that either support growth. Watering plants with tea is beneficial for plants fed water high in salt, since the acid in the tea neutralizes the salt. Hydrogen peroxide can be sprayed on plants to provide supplemental oxygen and prevent mold and fungus growth in the soil.

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