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Little Tomato Varieties

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Small tomatoes are called cherry tomatoes and are generally eaten whole or sliced in half. Cherry tomatoes are popular in salads, sautéed in pasta dishes or eaten raw as a snack. Because of their popularity, there are many cherry tomatoes available that will thrive in the home garden, growing in plump clusters that will produce hundreds of bite-sized tomatoes the whole summer long.

Super Sweet 100

As the name suggests, Super Sweet 100 tomatoes can produce as many as 100 tomatoes on a single vine, hanging in large clusters. Although the tomatoes on the Super Sweet 100 are small, they are slightly larger than the usual cherry tomato. Super Sweet 100s require about 110 days from germination to the time they produce their first fruit, but once the first tomatoes appear, they continue producing throughout the season. Because Super Sweet 100s grow as vines, training them to a stake or cage produces maximum yields.

Yellow Pear

Yellow pear tomatoes are small-sized tomatoes that grow in a rich, lemon yellow color and assume a slightly elongated shape. Yellow tomatoes are high in vitamins with the same sweet taste as regular tomatoes and add a colorful splash to summer salads. Yellow pear tomatoes take about 75 days to ripen from the time they are transplanted into the ground as seedlings but will ripen quicker if kept in an area that receives a lot of sun and heat. The fruit is at its ripest when it begins to turn slightly orange.


According to the Tomato Growers Supply Company, Rosalita is the only pink cherry-sized tomato available. The fruit forms in clusters of deep pink, white-flecked ovals that taste very sweet. Furthermore, Rosalita is an early-producing tomato, producing fruit in as few as two months and producing abundantly throughout the season. Like most cherry tomatoes, Rosalita is indeterminate, meaning that it grows best in a cage or trained to grow up a stake.

Jolly Tomato

In 2001, the Jolly tomato won All-America Selections award in the tomato category for its meaty, sweet-flavored fruit. The Jolly tomato is an F-1 hybrid, meaning that it is bred from two different tomato cultivars, and seeds collected from the plant won't necessarily produce offspring that resemble the parent plant. Jolly tomatoes are bright red, slightly elongated and form a distinctive point at the blossom end. Jolly tomatoes tend to resist cracking more than other small-sized tomatoes. The fruits grow in clusters of about nine tomatoes, begin producing by mid-summer and continue as fruitful producers throughout the summer.

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