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The Best Time to Seed Kentucky Bluegrass

Plant Kentucky bluegrass seed, a cool-season grass, in late summer when the average temperatures begin to drop, or in early spring, when temperatures begin to rise. Seed between August 15 and September 15, in the northeast, and between September and October in the southeast. Seed north or south, in March to early April.

Beautiful Kentucky Bluegrass Lawn

Mow the Kentucky bluegrass regularly using a mower with sharp blades set to cut the lawn at 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches. If the grass grows much taller than the ideal mowing height, gradually reduce the turfgrass height over multiple mowing sessions. Irrigate the Kentucky bluegrass regularly, or whenever soil 2 inches below the soil surface feels dry to the touch, watering the site deeply enough that the top 4 inches of soil are moistened. Increase the frequency or amount of irrigation if needed. Pull a dethatching rake over the soil surface in small areas, or rent a vertical mower, or dethatcher, to more efficiently break up the thatch layer in larger areas. Use a lawn rake to collect and dispose of the debris. Broadcast the fertilizer evenly over the lawn area, and water it in lightly if no rain is anticipated.

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