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The Habitat of Ginger Plants

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The ginger plant originated in China and India, according to Huntington College of Health Sciences. The success of the plant’s propagation is driven both by its taste, which is loved throughout the world, and by some of its health benefits.


The ginger plant grows in tropical and subtropical regions. Ginger prefer soils that are very rich and moist. In fact, peat moss usually should be added in order to keep the soil adequately damp. The soil should be slightly acidic. Adding elemental sulfur to the soil is the most effective way to make the soil more acidic, according to the University of Illinois.

Commercial Growth

Commercial growth of ginger occurs primarily in Jamaica, and is commonly grown in India, Africa, China and the United States, according to Herbs 2000. In fact, ginger is the most widely cultivated spice in the world. Different areas that grow ginger sometimes end up growing different types. For instance, African ginger is known for its pungency. Chinese ginger is known for being milder. The root of the ginger plant is ground into the ginger spice commonly used in cooking and baking.


Ginger has had a history as an alternative remedy in the Middle East and Asia for at least 4,400 years, according to the University of Maryland. For instance, in China, ginger became a treatment for stomach indigestion at least 2,000 years ago. Ginger has also been commonly used as a cooking ingredient.

Indoor Habitat

Ginger can be grown indoors. These plants are used to shady environments and therefore can do well in spots that do not receive as much sun. Indoors is ideal because the conditions can be kept constant. The plant needs warmth and plenty of humidity.

Rainy Habitat

As mentioned previously, ginger thrives in moist, hot environments. It's no wonder that the plant grows well in monsoons common in India. Greenhouses are another sure-fire way to mimic the preferred habitat of ginger.

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