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How to Wind Trimmer Line on a Husqvarna Trimmer

The Husqvarna trimmer is a convenient tool for keeping your yard neat and tidy. Over time, the line in the Husqvarna trimmer needs to be replaced. The spool and housing in the Husqvarna trimmer go around the tap button and shaft. The trimmer spool uses two channels to direct the line through the spool and housing. The Husqvarna trimmer uses standard .095 line that's available at most home improvement centers. When it's time to replace the line, you can do the job yourself quickly and easily.

Pull the end of the spark plug wire off the top of the spark plug. Place the Husqvarna trimmer on its side so that you can access the the trimmer head, which is the housing the holds the line spool.

Locate the two tabs on the side of the trimmer head. Press the two tabs in and lift the trimmer-head housing away from the trimmer. Grasp the trimmer line spool and pull it away from the housing.

Remove any residual string from the trimmer line spool. Measure 20 feet of replacement trimmer line with a tape measure. Cut the 20-foot piece of line with scissors.

Fold the 20 feet of trimmer line in half, placing the middle point of the line around the notch in the center of the trimmer spool. There are two separate channels that the string winds in, and the notch is between the two channels.

Hold your index finger between the two pieces of trimmer line. Wind the line around the spool in the direction of the arrow on the spool. Wind the line evenly and tightly until 6 inches of line is left on both ends.

Push the ends of the line into the opposite guide notches on the side of the trimmer spool. These notches keep the string secure while you reattach the spool to the trimmer.

Insert the trimmer-line spool into the trimmer-head housing, aligning the ends of the string with the eyelet holes on the side of the trimmer-head housing.

Place the spool and housing over the trimmer-head body and push down until the assembly snaps into place.

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