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Ugly Tomato Varieties

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Although there are actual tomatoes trademarked as Ugly Tomato varieties, these are actually new names for old tomatoes. Ugly tomatoes are heirloom tomatoes that do not grow with the same uniform beauty that many hybrid tomatoes possess. There is growing interest in these heirloom tomatoes because tomato enthusiasts say that heirloom tomatoes taste better than hybrid tomatoes.

Ugly Ripe

Ugly Ripe is the trademark name of a beefsteak heirloom variety with a misshapen appearance, concave stem and rigid shoulders. Ugly Ripe are derived from marmonde heirloom tomatoes. Commercially grown Ugly Ripe tomatoes are hand-picked to avoid bruising and are hand-labeled. Because they are an heirloom variety, the shelf life of Ugly Ripe tomatoes is somewhat less than commercially grown hybrids.

Cherokee Purple

Cherokee purple tomatoes are a beefsteak tomato variety that produces 12 oz. fruit. Cherokee purple tomato fruit has a green shoulder and dusty rose color to the fruit that is atypical of tomato plants. The fruit is said to be extremely sweet and low in acid. Fans of the tomato say that the taste is similar to that of brandywine tomatoes. Cherokee purple was one of the first "black" color group tomatoes.

Green Zebra

Green zebra gets its name from the yellow and green stripes and spots that cover the flesh of the fruit. The fruit has a sweet flavor and a medium acidic taste that makes it popular for salsa and salad. Green zebra plants are indeterminate and produce fruit within 75 days.

Garden Peach

Garden peach take their name from the peach shape and fuzzy texture of the fruit. The color of garden peaches is variously described by sellers as light yellow or white. Ripe garden peach tomatoes have a slight blush reminiscent of ripe peaches. Fruit size of garden peach tomatoes tends to be slightly larger than a small peach or a golf ball. Garden peach tomatoes are low in acid and have a sweet mild flavor.

Black Pineapple Tomato

Black Pineapple Tomatoes are a Belgian tomato variety produces large fruit up to 1 or 1-1/2 lbs. in size. The skin of black pineapple tomatoes is multicolored dark purple and green with red yellow and pink splotches. The shoulders are rigid on this tomato variety. The fruit has a low acid taste and is said to be sweet, smoky and citrus-like. Black pineapple tomatoes take approximately 80 days to reach maturity.

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