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How to Keep Bugs Off My Peach Tree

By Bridget Kelly ; Updated September 21, 2017
Don't spray the peach tree when the blossoms open.

It's difficult to grow peaches without a spray program. The tree is susceptible to a number of pests, and that susceptibility varies by region. Growers on the east coast have a different schedule from those on the west coast, and those in the south differ from those in the north. One of the biggest problems for the peach tree is the peach tree borer, which can kill a tree. The larvae move under the bark, making control a challenge.

Apply a dormant spray in the winter before the green tissue appears. Choose a day that the temperature is above freezing, and spray the entire tree at the rate suggested on the product’s label. Reapply the spray in three weeks.

Spray insecticidal soap or, as recommended by plant pathologists at the University of Delaware, Daconil 2787, directly on the blossoms before they open.

Apply a contact insecticide from late July to September, depending upon region, to prevent peach tree borer infestations. Thoroughly spray the entire trunk of the tree.

Spray the peach tree every two weeks with a summer cover spray once the blossoms have fallen. Consult with your county cooperative extension agent to determine the correct insecticide for use in your area and apply it at the rate suggested. Stop the summer cover spraying two weeks before harvest.


Things You Will Need

  • Tank Sprayer
  • Dormant spray
  • Insecticides


  • To avoid killing the bees that you need for pollination, do not spray the insecticidal soap or malathion after the peach blossoms have opened.

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