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How to Care for a Moth Orchid When Going on Vacation

By Tracy Morris ; Updated September 21, 2017
Moth orchids are named because the blooms resemble moths in flight.

Moth orchids are named such because the first ones discovered had white blossoms that, when in full bloom, resembled moths in flight. Moth Orchids are among the simplest of flowering plants to care for, according to Louisiana State University. Because of this, the plants are a popular choice for gift giving during holidays such as Mother’s Day. When you go on vacation, moth orchids are also some of the easiest plants to care for.

Determine the length of your vacation. Moth orchid care will vary greatly depending on the length of your vacation. Most moth orchids require water as infrequently as every 7 to 10 days. If your vacation will be shorter than two weeks, your orchid may not require any special care.

Fill a tray or cake pan with gravel.

Fill the cake pan with water to a level just below the gravel surface.

Place the orchid containers onto the bed of gravel. The water in the pan will create a zone of humidity in which your orchids will thrive.

Place your moth orchids in a sunny windowsill facing east, west or south. Position the orchids so that they are out of direct sunlight.

Set your thermostat to a range somewhere between 65 and 80 degrees. This temperature zone is the one in which moth orchids thrive.

Water your orchids just before leaving by drenching the roots with water. You can mix bottled water with a fertilizer specifically formulated for orchids such as a 15-5-5 fertilizer and pour it into the container until the water dribbles out of the drainage holes and runs over the top of the container.

Contact a friend or a plant watering service if your vacation will last longer than 2 weeks in order to have your moth orchids watered again and prevent the roots from drying.


Things You Will Need

  • Cake pan
  • Gravel
  • Orchid fertilizer
  • Watering can

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