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The Color of Geraniums

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Beware when entering the world of the geranium not to buy into the myth that this is the most prosaic of all bedding plants. The spectrum of color available to the spring, summer and indoor gardener through the wide variety of geranium cultivars should be explored and celebrated. Don't limit yourself to the typical tropical shades of the garden variety annual geranium. Variegated, multicolored, contrast-veined and even vivid blue-shaded blooms are all within your grasp.

Zonal Geraniums

Part of the genus Pelargonium, zonal geraniums are typically annual flowers grown for the summer bedding and container garden planting season. Bearing foliage with areas or "zones" of mulitcolors, zonal geraniums also come in a wide variety of bloom hues as well. Multibloom is a cultivar that displays colors of white, pink, red and light purple. Choose Cameo for a salmon color bloom and Star for a pink and white variegated bloom.

Ivy Leaf Geraniums

Popular for containers and window boxes, ivy leaf geraniums bear glossy, ivy-shaped foliage along with often multicolored blooms that trail and spread. The series Summer Showers produces pretty flowers in white and shades of the rose spectrum.

Scented Geraniums

Just as the name suggests, scented geraniums have foliage that bears distinctive scent notes that provide an interesting element in your garden space. Pelargonium crispum, or lemon-scented geranium, bears lilac blooms, while P. odoratissima has a delightful apple scent with fresh white flowers.

Martha Washington Geraniums

Also commonly called regal geraniums, these are amongst the showiest and most varied bloom varieties available. Growing more comfortably in cooler temperatures as indoor or cool season plants, flowers are large, sometimes ruffled and often multicolored or veined in varied hues. Choose from red, purple, white, pink and even yellow shades.

Cranesbill - Hardy Geraniums

From the true Geranium genus, hardy geraniums will overwinter in milder climates and boast a near true-blue color highly prized by gardeners. The foliage of these varieties is more lacy and delicate looking than that of their annual cousins. Blooms are often veined in vivid hues crossing the spectrum of white, purple, pink, red and the sought-after Johnson's Blue, a cultivar with a spectacular sky color.

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