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Instructions for Roundup Professional Sprayer

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The Roundup Professional sprayer is a good tool to use when targeting and killing troublesome weeds. It contains glyphosate, which is absorbed into the leaves on weeds. The chemical travels through the weed, to the roots, stopping an enzyme and killing the plant. The weeds do not grow back. Roundup professional will only kill anything you spray directly so be careful to only spray what you intend to get rid of. The product also keeps new weeds from growing for up to four months.

Take the hose barb in one hand. Connect it to the tank. Push the hose nut down the hose to the connection with the tank. Move it over the threads and turn it clockwise to tighten it.

Take the protective cap off the shut-off assembly. Throw it away. Connect the extension to the shut-off assembly. Screw the nut to tighten it.

Install the nozzle to the extension to give the Roundup a path to follow. If you are using a foaming nozzle or fan nozzle, you have to also screw on the cap nut and tighten it. the fan nozzle also has to be aligned so it can be used for a vertical or horizontal spray. There are tabs on the nozzle; line them up with the tabs on the end of the extension.

Remove the pump. Turn the handle counterclockwise. Fill the tank with the appropriate amount of chemical. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Connect the pump to the opening of the tank and turn it to seal it in place.

Pressurize the tank. Press the handle down and turn it in a counterclockwise direction. This will unlock the handle. Push the handle up and down to add pressure. Turn the handle clockwise to lock it.

Squeeze the shut-off handle to cause the Roundup professional sprayer to spray. Let go of the handle when you want to stop spraying. When spraying a large area, lock the shutoff handle in place by sliding the lock toward your body.

Remove the pressure when you are done spraying. Pull the knob of the pressure release valve to let the pressure out. Turn the handle in a counterclockwise direction. This will remove the pump. Pour out any chemical that you didn't use.


Protect your hands with gloves when using Roundup.

If using the cone nozzle, rotate the tip to change the spray pattern.

Store the Roundup Professional sprayer with the pump removed. Hang the tank upside down.


Never spray Roundup into the wind because it will spread through the area.

Do not use hand tools when tightening the hose nut in Step 1.

Do not forget to release the pressure from the tank before servicing or filling. Pull the knob of the pressure release valve to let out the pressure.

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