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Mediterranean Flowering Vine

Bouganvilla image by Jan Ebling from

A Mediterranean theme is one of the most popular garden and landscape styles throughout the world. No matter which USDA gardening zone you live in, you can create a garden that has a Mediterranean look. But your garden or landscape will not seem complete unless a colorful flowering vine, such as those found in the Mediterranean region, is present somewhere in the design.


Including a flowering vine as part of your Mediterranean themed garden is an integral part of the overall feel and look. Mediterranean gardens are a balanced blend of the elegant and rustic, incorporating earth tones and brilliant color. Creeping, flowering vines add the rustic dimension, bright color and enchanting fragrance to the environment.


The characteristics of a Mediterranean flowering vine include the plants' ability to produce a profusion of brightly colored flowers, and the vine should be lush in foliage and free flowing in its growth. The vine will add the dimension of warmth, relaxation and simplicity to the environment, while blending with the other elements.


Flowering vines in Mediterranean gardens and landscapes are often used as screens or grown over archways and open structures to provide shelter and shade. The inclusion of a flowering vine in your Mediterranean landscape needs to enhance the enjoyability, function and beauty of the space.


Your selection of a flowering Mediterranean type vine does not need to be restricted to plants that are indigenous to the Mediterranean region, though the vine bougainvillea always comes to mind. There are many other vividly colorful flowering vines that can create an equally effective display. Trumpet, wisteria, morning glory, coral, clematis, jasmine, and climbing roses are suitable for Tuscan themed gardens and landscapes.


The effect of including a Mediterranean vine in your garden design is to evoke the feeling of an Italian-style setting. The result of the addition of a Mediterranean vine should summon feelings of romance, while adding a splash of color and warmth. Flowering vines add variety, texture, and movement to the overall visual appeal of a garden.

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