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Apple Varieties With an August Ripening

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The ripening time of an apple tree depends on the variety of apple. Some apple trees are ready to harvest in June or July, while others do not ripen until late September or October. Apple trees that are ready for harvest in August are considered early-ripening trees. The period of ripening for apples is slightly different in every region and may vary from season to season.


The tart, sweet, crisp flavor of the "Earligold" is often compared to that of the Granny Smith apple. "Earligold" apples are medium-sized and have a smooth, yellow-green peel. The "Earligold" ripens early and is ready for harvest in August. "Earligold" apples do not store well and are best when used for cooking in pies and sauces or when eaten fresh out of hand.


The outstanding flavor of the "Zestar" has a slight brown sugar undertone and is sweet, yet tart. The "Zestar" is medium to large in size and it has a yellow skin that's flushed with red. The flesh of the "Zestar" is crisp and juicy and the apples are ready for harvest in August. "Zestar" apples are best eaten fresh or cooked into pies and sauces.


The sweetly tart flesh of the "Dayton" apple is fine-grained, crisp and juicy. The medium- to large-sized "Dayton" apple is thin-skinned and red in color. "Dayton" apples are early ripening apples and are ready for harvest in August and keep well in cold storage. The "Dayton" apple is sturdy and doesn't break down when cooked or baked in pies and apple sauces.

Ginger Gold

The delicious, sweet and juicy "Ginger Gold" has a crisp, white flesh that doesn't discolor when cut. The "Ginger Gold" has a tender, golden skin with slight green undertones. "Ginger Gold" apples are ready to harvest in August and have an excellent shelf-life. Use "Ginger Gold" apples for cooking into sauces, baking in pies or enjoy eating them fresh.

Mollie's Delicous

The large-sized "Mollie's Delicious" apples have a sweet, but not tart, flavor that improves with age. The apple has a smooth, red skin with subtle undertones of cream. "Mollie's Delicious" apples are ready for harvest in late August and keep for up to 10 weeks in cold storage. The "Mollie's Delicious" apple is best used for cooking and for eating fresh.


Considered similar in flavor to the "Red Delicious," the "Priscilla" is an early-ripening variety of apple that is ready to harvest in August. "Priscilla" apples are medium in size and have a red blush over a creamy-color skin. The sweet-tasting flesh of the "Priscilla"' is crisp and highly fragrant. The "Priscilla" is best when cooked or eaten fresh out of hand.


One of the better dessert apples on the market is the early-ripening "Gala." Ready for harvest in August, the "Gala" has a smooth, yellow-gold skin that is striped with red. The "Gala" has a crisp, juicy flesh and a tart, yet sweet, flavor. "Gala" apples store well and are best when eaten fresh or used for pies, sauces and baking.

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