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Signs That Grass Seed is Growing

By Jack S. Waverly ; Updated September 21, 2017
Newly planted grass seed

Growing grass from seed is a simple process, although it does take time. Grass seeds can take varying amounts of time to germinate and develop into a plant. A few common signs that the grass seed has germinated and grass is growing will help determine the success of the planting.

Seed Splitting

Look at the seeds to see if they are splitting; all seeds regardless of the plant split to allow shoots to emerge. Watch for tiny white dots or thin, low, pale shoots emerging from the seed. This is the first sign that the grass is growing. Use a magnifying glass if you cannot see this with the naked eye. Wait a few days after planting the seed to start looking for shoots.


Read the seed bag to determine how long it should take for grass to grow from seed. Most grass takes from two weeks to almost one month time to grow; rye grass can grow within 10 days while buffalo grass can take up to 28 days. Look for a light thin covering of grass in the planting area. The blades will appear as thin long strands.


Observe the color of the grass once the sprouts emerge. The sprouts will turn from white to a light green. The shade of the color will darken as the blades develop. Mow the grass at the highest setting of the mower at this point; this encourages the grass to push energy down into the roots and develop more blades, thereby filling in the lawn.