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How to Trim Pineapple Plants

By Eulalia Palomo ; Updated September 21, 2017
Pineapples are in the Bromeliaceae family.
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The pineapple plant, in the Bromeliaceae family, originated in the tropical regions of South and Central America. Pineapple plants have long, sword shaped leaves that grow in a circular pattern from the center of the plant. As new leaves form at the top of the plant, the lower leaves turn brown and wilt. The leaves of a mature pineapple plant grow up to 5 feet long, and some varieties have sharp barbs along the length of the leaves.

Look at the pineapple plant to identify any brown or wilting leaves at the base of the plant.

Lift the healthy leaves up with one hand and reach down towards the base of the plant. Using a sharp knife, cut the dead leaf from the plant where it meets the stalk. Be careful not to cut the stalk.

Continue removing leaves around the base of the plant until only healthy, green leaves are left. Only take leaves from the bottom of the plant. Avoid removing leaves from the top or center.


Things You Will Need

  • Knife
  • Shears


  • The lower leaves will die and fall off the plant naturally. Trimming your pineapple plant will improve the appearance whether it is planted outdoors or inside in a pot.


  • Wear gloves and protective eye wear to prevent injury from sharp spines.

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