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Is a Corn Kernel Seed a Dicot or Monocot?

cob corn image by Maria Brzostowska from <a href=''></a>

The term monocot refers to the number of cotyledons inside the seed of flowering plants. The cotyledon is the first embryonic leaf or leaves to emerge from the seed after germination. Monocots have one cotyledon and dicots have two cotyledons. The seed of a corn plant has one cotyledon, producing a single first leaf after germination and is therefore a monocot.

Peppers Monocot Or Dicot?

A plant can be identified as a monocot or dicot at the beginning of the plant’s life by its germinating leaves. Plants with one germinating leaf are classified as monocots and plants with two germinating leaves are classified as dicots. You can also look at the flower parts, roots and leaf veins of the mature plant. Dicots have flower parts grouped in fives, while monocots have flower parts grouped in threes. Peppers (Capsicum annuum spp.) are members of Solanaceae family. If a seedling has two leaves, it’s probably a pepper.

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