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Flowers That Smell Like Lilacs

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Lilacs have always been one of the world's best loved scented flowers. The beautiful lavender colored blooms put off an amazingly wonderful fragrance that is unique. Though this scent cannot be duplicated in any other flower, there are a few other types of flower that have a fragrance that does resemble that of a lilac. These flowers have very enjoyable scents of their own that are similar to the smell of lilacs, but not exactly the same.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Rose

Even though roses are also known for having a very distinct fragrance, there is one rose that is scented similarly to a lilac. It is the Charles Rennie Mackintosh rose. This rose was named for the well-known Scottish artist. It has large beautiful blooms that are pale pink to pale lilac in color. The sweet fragrance is a combination of both lilac and almond. This rose requires little care and blooms continuously all season long. With regular watering and daily sun, this rose can be enjoyed from spring up until the first frost of late fall. The cupped-shaped of these rose blooms make it perfect for creating a lovely bouquet.

Petrocallis Pyrenaica

Petrocallis pyrenaica is a ground covering plant that has the aroma of lilac and honey. This flower grows in the wild, but can also be planted in garden spots. It is in the cruciferae family which also includes yellowcress, mustard and wild cabbage. The colors of the flowers can range from white to pale pink or lilac. The blooms are small, but very bright and vibrant in color. These flowers are especially beautiful growing along rocks and creek banks.

Oncidium Incurvum Orchids

Another flower that has a similar scent to the lilac is the Oncidium incurvum. This flower is actually in the orchid family but has a slightly milder fragrance than the lilac. The scent of this flower is more like a combination of lilac and honey. It is used mainly for fragrance-making. This flower is believed to have originated in Mexico and grows freely in both Nicaragua and Mexico. These flowers can be found in warm to cool climates and the flowers bloom in summer and fall.

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