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Ortho Lawn Sprayer Instructions

Ortho's 2-gallon lawn spray can be used for a variety of chemical application uses including weed control, insect control, deck or patio applications, removing wallpaper, sealing concrete and appling cleaners and disinfectants. Basic instructions for using the device are similar no matter what chemical is being applied, but you should always follow the specific instructions for the chemical you are using, including proper safety precautions.

Pour clean water through the Ortho lawn sprayer's wide-mouth funnel at the top of the sprayer until the sprayer is about half full.

Tighten the lid on the Ortho lawn sprayer.

Pressurize the Ortho lawn sprayer by pulling the pump on the top of the lid up and down until the pressure feels consistent.

Test the Ortho lawn sprayer's output on a hard, flat area such as a driveway. Release the spray by pressing the lever on the wand. Walk at the same pace you will be walking when applying the chemical.

Rotate the Ortho lawn sprayer's nozzle tip to adjust the spray pattern until it feels comfortable to you and sprays in a consistent pattern.

Pour out the water from the Ortho sprayer on the lawn and fill with the chemical you choose to use.

Adjust the Ortho lawn sprayer nozzle as necessary when you are applying the chemical if it does not spray evenly or at a consistent, easily controlled pace.

Ortho Dial 'n Spray Instructions

When you’re ready to treat weeds in the lawn or add fertilizer to your flower bed, the Ortho Dial ‘N Spray is intended to do both. The siphoning action of the hose does the mixing. Soak the top and siphoning tube in a bucket of fresh water for 10 minutes to soften the blockage. Do this by setting the dial on the sprayer to the amount of concentrate recommended for 1 gallon of water. If the label says to mix at 4 ounces of fertilizer per 1 gallon of water, then set the dial at 4 ounces. How much concentrate reaches the lawn depends on the rate at which you apply it. Gauge your progress by stopping after you have treated one-fourth of the lawn. Check how much concentrate is left in the sprayer. Do not use the same sprayer to apply pesticide and fertilizer because residue left in the sprayer can harm plants it is not intended for.

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